Whoa I Remember: Madeline Thinking Games: Part 1

June 26, 2020

(Creative Wonders) (1996)

Bonjour! Madeline is so glad you came to play with her in the old house in Paris. All the other little girls who live here have gone out for a stroll with Miss Clavel. Madeline prefers exploring all the nooks and crannies in the big house. There are so many rooms and in each room there are different games to play. Come along and let’s have some fun! Many different activities to keep kids interested while they learn Fun animations Madeline is always there to help
Let’s Decorate: Help Madeline decorate a bedroom! you can choose how it looks from the floor tot he furniture.
Genevieve’s Maze: Genevieve is lost in the hedge maze! Can you help her find her way out?
Play the Piano: You can play the piano in the music room. Choose which sounds you want it to play. It even barks!
Bake a Treat: Match the ingredients in the cookbook to the ones in the kitchen and bake a yummy treat!
Matching Game: Find matching pairs by opening the desks in Ms. Clavel’s classroom.
Puzzle: You can put together a puzzle in Madeline’s room.
There are many different puzzles to choose from!

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