Helltaker but I'm only moving in sync with the music

June 30, 2020

You might consider this a Full Helltaker walkthrough (that includes all runes) since I’m completing the game. What’s “special” about it is that I’ll be doing all that while moving in synchrony to Helltaker’s OST beat, the most prominent song is obviously Mittsies – Vitality but the entire Helltaker Soundtrack is present…because well, yeah, I’m playing the entire game and not just the first levels.

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Level 1
0:34 Level 2
0:55 Level 3
1:22 Level 4
1:43 Level 5
2:05 Level 6
2:34 Level 7
3:04 Level 8
3:47 Level 9
4:11 I. Chains of Superbia
5:10 II. Chains of Avaritia
5:58 III. Chains of Luxuria
7:03 IV. Chains of Despair
8:28 Default Ending

If you want to find out the Secret Ending you’ll need to read all the runes (I showed you how to “unlock” the Level VI rune but I didn’t “open it” so that you’ll have to see its contents by yourself..or just watch a different Helltaker walkthrough, but I think you should experience it yourself)

If you’re having trouble finding the Secret Ending there are more instructions at the bottom of the description (to avoid spoilers)

Since I was going somewhat fast here’s the entire level walkthrough on text if anyone’s interested, 1st and 2nd are the dialogue options:

Level I ► ↓(←7)↓↓←↓↓→→↑↑(4→)↓→ 2nd

Level II ► →(↑6)→→→↓→→(↓4)←←↓ 2nd

Level III ► (←5)(↓4)←←↑↓(→8)(↑6) 1st

Level IV ► ↓↓↓→↓↓→→→↑←←↑↑→↓↓→→→↓ 1st

Level V ► (↓4)(→5)↑↓↑↑←↑↑←←↑↑→→ 1st

Level VI ► ←↓→→↓↓←←↓←←↓(→4)↑↑←←(↓5)→→→↑↑(→4)↓↓←←↓→→ 1st

Level VII ► ↑↑↓←←↑↑→↓↓↓←←←(↑4)→→↑↓(→4)↑↑→→↑↑ 1st

Level VIII ► ↑→(↑8)←← 2nd 2nd

Level IX ► →↑↑(→4)↓→→←↑↑↑(→4)↓↓→→↑↑→←←←↑↑↑←↑

In some of the dialogue options, it doesn’t matter which you chose, I’m just saying which ones I’ve chosen

Helltaker info:
Helltaker – Build a Harem of Evil Demon Girls in this Delightfully Silly Little Puzzle Adventure!

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SPOILER — the runes show a series of “arrows” these are the directions in which you must walk when standing on the pentagram carpet during the default ending.

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    RudeyBoy321 June 30, 2020 3:43 pm Reply
  • Watching this video with no sound ima real gansta

    Dembzi June 30, 2020 3:43 pm Reply
  • Helltaker reminded me a lot of a flahsgame that I played about a year ago, yes I still occasionally play flashgames.
    If you like puzzle games with "rhythm synched" music like Helltaker you might also like it, it's called "Pumpking" > https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/741448
    I'd say the puzzles are easier because they revolve around mobs and not actual obstacles (and mob movement patterns are easily predicted) but it has more levels than Helltaker so they both take around 20 minutes to finish, oh and thanks for watching 😀

    Lord Angrim June 30, 2020 3:43 pm Reply
  • Hello there

    kingz off June 30, 2020 3:43 pm Reply

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