Cat's Heartbreaker Adventure – Fun Game for Kids in English HD – Nickelodeon Nick Jr – Sam and Cat

June 27, 2020

Prepare to meet the strangest match made in bestie heaven — Sam & Cat! Sam Puckett is loud, independent, and tough as nails, while Cat Valentine is sweet as pie and super flighty. But that doesn’t stop this unlikely pair from becoming best buds and roomies!

Together, they’re a power duo with a love for fun and adventure — it’s just too bad that it doesn’t come cheap. Burgers at their favorite robot restaurant Bots don’t grow on trees, after all. A booming out-of-home babysitting business quickly becomes the answer to their empty-pocket problems, but also an extra reason for countless wacky adventures to come!

Cat’s Heartbreaker Game for Kids in English Cartoon Game New Episodes 2015 Nick JR Sam and Cat – Video Children Full Gameplay


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